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My Software Toolkit

My toolkit of apps I’m dependant on in my everyday workflow:


Awesome cross-platform password manager

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Fing (iOS/Android)

Network scanner allowing you to find devices by IP and scan running services

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Sublime Text

Awesome text editor with plug-in and theming capability, extremely fast. Best text editor I've ever used

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The Unarchiver (Mac)

A handy companion for 'Archive Utility' with more functionality and formats.

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Little Snitch (Mac)

Firewall that monitors app connection attempts from apps, check for telemetry

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Spectacle (Mac)

Allows window movement using keyboard shortcuts, bringing a aero-snap like function

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The apps I find really handy, but don’t use everyday:


App to manage your own certificate authority, useful if using self-signed certs for an internal domain

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Statusfy (Mac)

Useful way to see what song is currently playing on Spotify in the menu bar

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Suspicious Package

Handy finder extension, can view scripts before an installer executes them

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Chicken VNC (Mac)

Best Mac app to access network computers through VNC

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DaisyDisk (Mac)

The easiest way to see what's taking up disk space on your Mac or external drives

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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Moved to this from FOSS CoRD after discontinued, does the job for RDP

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My list of useful terminal commands to refer back to:

This list is very much a work in progress


  • Convert a PLIST binary file to readable form (XML) plutil -convert xml1 /Users/user/Desktop/configfile.plist
  • Clear DNS sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Linux (Ubuntu)

  • Get inside of a docker container to run terminal commands docker exec -it containername bash