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Project Summary: oneCampus is an application designed to centralise Student Identity and Services, making essential University services easier for students to access. We started building this project at the JISC Digifest Hackathon 2019.

Digifest Winner

oneCampus was a project built on our own needs as students, and our dissatisfaction at the quality of the existing University of Hull app as it provided basic webviews and not interactive access to services. It was developed by an organisation used by many different Universities across the UK, most of which are considering replacing it. As first hand users, we thought we could deliver a better integrated service that students would actually like using.


The project started by looking at the onboarding process, and ensuring that when users joined the instution they could be issued a one-stop pathway to enrolment and allowing them to simply set up eduroam on their devices, set up local email on their device, add a virtual version of their student card to Apple Wallet and allow simple sign in with Face or Touch ID.


We’re still working on oneCampus as a side project, as we can see it as tool that would make students lives significantly easier and more interactive. We have timetable integration, lecture and session rescheduling notifications, directory services, bus times, basic Canvas VLE and PC Finder integration.

We’re looking to actively add more features including easy interactive University contact to make ticket management simpler, features to allow students to see what software is installed in different rooms, full access to tap in details and linking with onsite mail management to make parcel collection simpler on campus.

At the moment oneCampus is still a work in progress, but we’re realy pleased with how it’s going.

Blog post on oneCampus

Here's a quick summary video of our time at the hackathon: