Fitness Hub - Gym Management System | Nathaniel

Project Summary: For Systems Analysis and Design, we were tasked with designing a system that could be used to manage members and bookings at the University of Hull's new fitness facilities, migrating them from their current Excel spreadsheet based solution.

The project


In the project, we had to work in a group of eight people to scope out requirements, explore user journeys and assign roles and responsibilities based on strengths and interests for the project. We used Trello to track our user journeys and progress on the project in each of the sub-teams.



The project required a really quick turn around on elements, being set with a deadline in the same week as both the Electronics, Web Tech and another module, meaning that delegating tasks was essential to ensure that this coursework worked on time. We used online Gantt charts in addition to the Trello board to track ongoing work on this project.


The project also had people with different skill sets, some preferring programming and others documentation roles within the group, as project leader I was responsible for ensuring everyone in the group felt was able to their part of group work, and redistributing group work where necessary to ensure that the project’s deadlines were met.

This project had less emphasis on the final deliverable software, and more on the journey to get to that point giving me experience of collecting and mapping user journeys and stories to requirements to build into the software, and planning these for our week-long sprints, we also had to write unit tests for our software which gave me some extra experience in XUnit, which I’ve had experience with before.

End Product

I was happy with the product we created, but if I had built this in a deliverable-focussed assessment, I would’ve used a web-based platform, C# MVC probably. However, this also was my first experience building WPF which was less of a learning curve than I expected and I could quickly prototype the application.

  Fitness Hub's code was created for an assignment for the University of Hull and as a result cannot be published publicly online.
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