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Project Summary: Building an app to show staff where in the University students are at any given time, showing both their current location and where they've been over the past 24 hours.

Coursework Background

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The coursework project for Web Technologies involved building a location tracking app, designed to track attendance across the University in the way that allows members of staff to check which students are currently present in lectures and who has tapped in using an online web portal.

The application has also been built to be extendible, with a 3rd party API being available allowing external requests to be made and retrieved to get student locations at that time, meaning that it could be integrated with the University’s Learning Management System.

The application was built using PHP at it’s core with a SQL database for retrieval and updates to a users location using JavaScript and JSON data.


The application has functionality allowing members of staff to add new students or other members of staff, search for students by room, view or update user account information, retrieve all users locations at the current time and historically over the past 24 hours and beyond.

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I was restrained to using PHP for this project due to the structure of the course, however, I would prefer to build a project like this in React as I think it would work better and be more scalable. I included all the functionality that the project needed and learnt more about both SQL and PHP though, so it was an interesting learning experience and I was pleased with the end product I produced.

  Location Hub's code was created for an assignment for the University of Hull and as a result cannot be published publicly online.
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