myMoney (FinTech) | Nathaniel

Project Summary: After getting a Monzo Card, I wasn't happy just being able to view my outgoings within the Monzo App, and wanted to share it with my family. Due to Monzo's flexible API, I could build my own web interface.

This is a follow on from this blog post


The first iteration of my programme can be found here, it was created in Flask due to my familiarity with Python.

The first version was missing some core functionality I’d like to implement:

  • Speed, at 30s page load v1.0 just wasn’t viable. I need to cache account information to be ready to serve
  • One-time authentication - automatically update authentication tokens for the user
  • Plot where the user is with MapBox and show spending in a Chart.JS graph

I am currently in the process of rewriting the app with node.js and will post updates to the project on GitHub


I’ve partially the rebuilt using Node, now retrieving and serving accounts using the Monzo API.

Next to add transaction logging and charting!