blink3 (Blinkstick) | Nathaniel

Project Summary: I decided that my office area needed some better lighting, but what would be the fun in going out in buying some Phillips Hue lights, instead I ordered a strip of LEDs from Amazon, wired them to a blinkstick and went from there.

I ordered the components that I would need for my project to work:
  • TENLION 5050 5 metre LED lights
  • New BlinkStick with controller for lights
  • 23/12/16
  • Both my Blinkstick and LED strips arrived, the strip themselves came with a controller (pictured) which found itself a new home in a draw as it wouldn't be needed!
  • Unfortunately the pins on the strip lights didn't match up with the pins on the blinkstick in order, to rectify this I pulled out the soldering iron and created some cables to go between the lighting cable connector and the blinkstick itself some CAT6 offcuts that I had assigning one of the pairs from each to each of the cables to one of the cables for the blinkstick, little would I know this would help me later
  • After setting up the lighting, I cut of the 50cm overage from one side and kept it to one side (knowing that I would find a use for it somewhere).
  • I launched my version of Blink3web from the summer that I used, however I noticed that the blinkstick was inverting colours, adding to my script bstick.set_inverse(True) fixed this for me though.

  • 09/01/17
  • I knew that the offcut would come in handy. I added a second strip of the lighting under the TV cabinet, then ran a CAT6 cable from the Blinkstick over to the second strip, with the help of some solder I connected the two sets of cables together fairly neatly

  • 11/01/17
  • Now we have a nice glow below the TV, it's time to create a nice dimmed light for watching TV under. Unfortunately, BlinkStick's built in --brightness option wasn't in the Python version but the community member helped me recreate it in my script, giving me a new version of Blink3Web that I am yet to push to GitHub with a red and blue cinema mode to give me dimmed back-lighting.
  • The additional cinema mode section

  • At last, a version of the GUI I'm finally happy with!
  • The GUI and Safari Web App (on my phone)

  • Think that's the project wrapped up for now, I'm happy with its ease of operation and it has passed the user test (giving to family and seeing if they can use it).
  • I'll probably add the current hex code in the header but can't think of any other changes that are needed.